Saturday, July 23, 2011

Townley Times 2011!

Every summer we spend a few days with all of the Townley girls and the grandkids. My mom and Aunt Terry are the original Townley girls. Aunt Terry, cousin Sharon, and Sharon's three daughters traveled south from Arkansas to Texas for a wonderful Townley Times 2011!

A couple of pics from the day before they came at Honey and Papa's awesome community pool.

The Arkansas girls arrived on Tuesday in time for dinner. 8 at the kids table!

We spent one morning at the pool.

Honey bought this fun cardboard house that they all colored and played in. (This was clearly Graham's side for coloring.)

Anna got to spend the night with the cousins a couple of nights while Graham and I headed home. Here are most of them minus Graham and Whitney.

We always do some cookin'!

Our great Aunt Rosie came over to the chaos for a day.

The whole crew!

Papa set up the backyard bonanza complete with water slide, pool and bounce house!

Brooks making his Honey nervous doing a back flip.

Aunt Rosie with some of her great-great nieces and nephews.

G was missing from this above pic because he was happily outside watering with Papa.

Snowcone run!

Friday morning we took the kids to the Safari Park. It was a little crowded but overall a good few hours of fun. Here they were waiting to ride the animals.

Barrett with his arm around G cracks me up!

These mechanical animals were funny/strange/WEIRD! But they liked it!

G wanted to ride the train and then changed his mind. ha! bless him!
We planned a cousin pic which was definitely challenging.

This one turned out the best, I think.

It was such a fun week with our sweet Townley Family!! Mom and Aunt Terry had a few hours to do some fun sisters things and Sharon, Wendi and I even got a girls night out. But the best part was watching the sweet cousins play and play and play!! Townley Times is always a highlight of our summer!

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