Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back to School!

WOOHOO! It's back to school time! We started with a little Meet The Teach for Miss Anna Lou at none other than "Honey's School," Parkway Hills. 

It's pretty awesome to have all of AL's class from last year end up together again. Plus two new friends!

Mrs. Alice Anne is already a star in her eyes!
Jack, AL and Kate
The awesome new indoor playground!

We made chocolate chip cookies for the the MDO and Preschool teachers with a tag that said "with you as my teacher, I'll be one smart cookie." It was all over the www, not my idea!

The first day of school finally came and we were all pumped!
Daddy picked up donuts that morning and dropped them off before work. He is out the door at 4:30 am and had to wait for the donut store to open at 5. ha! What a sweet Daddy to leave their favorite treat and a note! We had a few little treats waiting for them with their donuts.

 I had to wake Graham up to get our morning going, as you can tell.
 Time for a few pics. G has definitely come out of his shell and can really ham it up! He is a tooter with pics sometimes! My mom says I was the same way for years with taking pics. GREAT!

 Typical of what they do when I tell them I want a pic with Boone. G thinks he is interested in his motorcycle. Clearly, he is thrilled.

 Yay for some time with little B!

Our first week was success! We are so excited for the wonderful blessings that this school, church and  mod program give our family! It is full of such special, Godly, loving teachers and staff to love on our most prized possessions! 

I have to note this, although I am sure I won't forget anytime soon...

Both kids had quite a list of things to bring with them on the first day. I had most everything ready the night before because I knew our morning would be hectic. I thought we had everything and even went all day before finding out we forgot one thing. Anna Lou's UNDIES!! That is what we call them at our house! Sweet thing had her new dress on and nothing else! No undies, no bloomers, nothing!! Thank goodness she noticed in the first hour of school and told her sweet teacher, who discreetly helped her find her extra pair in her "extra clothes" in her backpack. She giggled telling me the story after school. Mrs. Alice Anne and I really giggled when she told me her version of the story later.  Two things that I was glad about- #1 she whispered when telling Mrs. AA, therefor she knew it was a private matter:). #2 she realized it before they went to the playground:). 

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Trina said...

This is precious!! I love the undies story! My sweet second born has done the same thing before although further away from home with no extras in tote! Fun times! I too made "smart cookies" for JP's prek teachers. I blogged all about it too. So fun! In fact, another friend of mine sent me your link from last years 1st day teacher gift with the junior mints and I immediately recognized your blog name and told her you were my friend! She found your idea on pinterest. So fun to share all the ideas and love! Hope all is well!
PS-4:30 am! Whew! That is early! I thought B leaving at 6 is early!