Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's Here!

Football season is HERE! We are in full swing! 

We went up to Daddy's office a few weeks ago to take family pics for the football program.

 Even little bit has some Lion spirit!
Our first game was all the way in Mansfield. Thankfully, MIMI was in town and kept B at home. AL, G and I met Papa and took a little road trip to watch our Lions and our favorite coach!

Waiting for Daddy to come out. 

Notice G is nowhere to be seen when the mascots are around. 

I just missed the pic of a quick kiss from Daddy.

It was H-O-T til the sun went down.

 Fun friends to play with during the game.
 Sweet Allie always looking after AL.
 G took this lovely picture but had to include since this is truly how I felt with the awesome LION VICTORY!!
 This is how we keep kids awake and happy at 11pm.

So happy to hug Daddy after the big win!

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The Lacys said...

y'all are the cutest family!!