Thursday, April 17, 2014

Surprise trip to Great Wolf!

We had more success with our garage sale last weekend then we had planned and wanted to spend the money on something fun. We had a few ideas for things around the house but decided our kids don't care about that stuff and for sure won't remember it, so let's spend it on a fun memory for all of us. We just finished up track season and spring football is quickly approaching and we needed some time with Daddy! We planned a last minute trip to Grapevine to Great Wolf Lodge and it worked out great that Boone could stay with Honey and Papa.  It would be easier on everyone if he sat this one out.  He had plenty of fun with H&P!!! We woke the kids up early on Saturday and told them we were going on a trip. We showed them pics on the computer which got them pumped! They opened a new swimsuit to wear on the trip.

 Somehow he convinced me to hold this cup of ice.
 We met Papa at Chick fila by our hotel to hand off little B.
 B was excited to ride in Papa's truck and could care less that we slipped out.
 We got to GWL, checked out our room, and headed to the waterpark.

 There is an outdoor pool that was freezing, but we did enjoy the sun on the patio.

 I don't know how they always talk their Dad into games at the arcade. And somehow she always wins some sort of jackpot of tickets. They we get to bring home an awesome prize.

 We went out to dinner to the nearby Grimaldi's. 
 Kids get dough to play with.
 Cheers to drinking Dr. Pepper on vacation.

We love Grimaldi's!!
parking lot cartwheels
 Everyone slept great and we enjoyed the morning in bed. 
 now that is a donut.
 The theme of the weekend was Happy and we listened to "Happy" by Pharrell Williams 500 times. This was some dancing to it before heading out the door. 

 Racing to the room.

 The next night we ate at Esparza's in Grapevine. It's one of our very favorites and goes way back with us. As you can see, Graham was NOT feeling well. He started running fever off and on that day. :(
 Meanwhile, back at H&P's, Boone was having a blast! He went to a birthday party for one of Honey's best friends. 

He ate good, played good, slept good and got LOTS of lovin'!!

 He also entertained them the entire time. This kid can work the crowd!
 Sweet H&P also kept the dog.
Overall, it was a fantastic weekend. Graham missed out on a few hours of fun on the last day because he felt so bad. Poor kid! We probably won't go to GWL on a Saturday again. Whew! Crowded! But Sunday was fine and Monday was awesome! The kids loved it and it was great watching them have so much fun. A memorable weekend in the books!

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