Tuesday, April 8, 2014

lately randoms...

I took Anna Lou to a birthday party for her school buddy, Kylie. 

Sweet friends.
my boys

We prepped for a garage sale at Lowes.
Sometimes on Wednesdays we stop at TCBY for 99 cent waffle cones.
This one gets the closest to finishing it.

Daddy went to "Dogs with Dads" at the boys' preschool. Graham talked and talked about it before and after! 

they showed up at 7am to shop our garage sale.

these three thought the garage sale was so much fun.

It was very chilly and windy but a few sweet customers bought some lemonade.

We got a surprise, quick shower this weekend.
We ate dinner with our good friends, the Schlaffers. After the little storm, the weather was beautiful.

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