Tuesday, March 25, 2014


We went over to a friends house this weekend to celebrate a birthday and Graham had a little crash. The other kids, including Anna Lou were acting like maniacs jumping in and out of the freezing cold pool and back in the warm hot tub. Sweet Graham, just sat on the step watching the chaos. He got up to see his Daddy who had to come a little late to the party and slipped, falling face first on the side of the hot tub. He busted his lip which bled and bled and bled and chipped his front two teeth. Poor kid. He hardly noticed the teeth but the lip put a damper on his eating and drinking for the night. 

Hard to tell in the pic, but his lip was cut pretty deep and the teeth were sharp and jagged. Thankful for my friend Kelly who had a nursing background and helped decide no stitched were needed.
 We have a great pediatric dentist back home that we still see, but now we have a great one here in town for any emergencies. The doctor fixed G right up and the teeth are back to normal. His lip is a little bit nasty and will take a while to heal. 
This kid is something special. He is so thoughtful, gentle, easy-going and the perfect piece to our puzzle. I just want to bottle his sweetness up! Graham is full of sweet words with no prompting. Lots of "i love you's," 'thanks for making this lunch for me," "I'm so proud of Anna," "you're the best mama," "that girl is pretty" (watch out G), and just plain excitement in his voice to go the park or wherever. Tonight, while putting him to bed, we sang his forever favorite song, Amazing Grace. He stopped me and said, "now this is about us, because we are lost and God finds us because he is good looker." Exactly buddy! LOOKER! I wanted to squeeze him so hard. 

So glad our first major crash wasn't really all that bad. We love our Graham-Bo!

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