Thursday, March 6, 2014

Birthday - Day for Anna Lou!

On February 19th, our big girl woke up SIX YEARS OLD! Mornings for her are early, fast and furious. I still have to wake her up every morning to get to school on time. 

She chose to have chocolate chip muffins and fruit for breakfast. She had already snagged some of the fruit before I took the picture.
G woke up right before she and Daddy left for school and wanted a pic with his big sis. 

Our grown up girl!
We made sugar cookies to pass out to her classmates.
MIMI was in town to celebrate and we took AL Rosa's for lunch. Her fave!

After school, Mimi took the big kids to see Frozen. They had already seen it, but were so excited to "let it go" again!! We got take-out fajitas and met them at home for dinner.

She opened some presents from the fam.

The birthday girl was pooped by the time we had cake. 
 She chose for me to make her a rainbow cake. I don't think she ate a bite because she was so tired.

I know our sweet girl felt celebrated all day along. Still can't believe she is SIX! The celebration continued in Dallas over the weekend!

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