Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lots of stuff lately...

Lou Lou and baby doll Jenna's matching pj's.

I went with AL to her Fitness Night at school. 

 We had a fun little date night.
 I took Graham to his school buddy, Ty's 4th birthday party. I hear a lot about Ty and Graham was so excited to go. We dropped sister with Daddy at a track meet and I loved the time with Graham. 
 Little bro tagged along since he is a little to wiggly to stand with Daddy at a track meet. 
 Graham and Ty
 Anna Lou performed in the kindergarten program.

 The boys got their hair cut (chopped).

 Reagan Elementary has a HUGE tradition of what they call the Star Wars Competition. Evidentally, its been going on for 20 years. The kids hula hoop while trying to knock each others hoops out without letting theirs drop. It is crazy and I had no idea what a big deal it was going to be. We got a letter that AL would be in the competition. 
 This was her and another girl battling it out in the corner. 
 Sweet thing ended up in 4th place for the kinder girls. We were so proud of her! She was devastated not to win! Bless her heart, she is so competitive and tough on herself. She got a ribbon, but wanted that trophy! I sure don't want to hula hoop in front of that crowd!

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