Monday, March 24, 2014


Spring seems to be busy and I have no idea why. Daddy is busy with track and spring football is around the corner. It was hard adjusting back in the routine after spring break. I have "kindergarten-itis!" I'm ready for summer!

Anna Lou goes to gymnastics on Tuesdays and we went to Rosa's right after last week, which meant me and the kids were eating dinner at 4:45. They were hungry, Daddy was going to be late and Rosa's was empty. Works for me!

 Our two little reds had western day at pre-school. 
 After I dropped the cowboys off at preschool, I went and met Ashley and her precious twins in the smallest town ever! She was in San Angelo with her sweet husband for his work and we met at Dairy Queen in between. Totally worth the drive to spend few hours with these three. And the confetti cake blizzard is de-lious.


 I picked up the cowboys and they came home with new hats.

 This one didn't last long.
 We've been supporting our BU basketball teams.
 Saturday morning, Daddy was gone to a track meet and we met a few of our Permain coach's wives at a fun, new park. New to us.

AL loved Baby Aubree.
Daddy took us for ice cream on Sunday night.
This kid finished his and his brothers.
Waving at sis and yelling "Annnna" as she came out of school.
We wrapped another great semester of ASK. (After School Kids Bible Study) These sweet 3rd grade girls were awesome to work with this school year. 
 We celebrated at Orange Leaf.

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