Thursday, March 6, 2014

Happy Valentines Day...

I got to help with the boys Valentines parties at preschool. We made heart, fruit loop bird feeders in G's class. AL's class has a small party, but the moms don't help or come. Works for me. :)

 B joined us in G's room when his party was over, so he had some extra treats.

Friday was Valentines Day and the boys and I went and played with some friends at the gym.
 After we picked up AL, we met some friends at the park. The boys loved watching some older boys play baseball. I still can't believe these two little reds are mine! Love watching B follow G around.
 We had a delicious V-Day dinner of pizza and chocolate milk. I'm not sure why everyone has their hands up. I guess we were praisin' the Lord. 

We finished up V-Day by making a heart cake on Saturday.

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