Monday, May 12, 2014

Cinco De Boone! A Fiesta for our two year old!

April 29th was close enough to May 5th so we had a Cinco De Mayo party for Boone. We all love Mexican food and it was a great reason to get friends together to celebrate Boone.

I made brownies and these taco cupcakes for dessert. The taco consisted of golden oreos-taco shell, chocolate oreo crumbs and chocolate icing- taco meat, dyed green coconut- lettuce, orange airhead candy- cheese, hot tamales- tomatoes. I found a pic on the web and tried to copy it. I think the taco probably tasted gross but they went with the theme.

For dinner, we had beef fajitas, chicken taquitos with jalapeno ranch sauce, bean and cheese burritos, fruit salad, Texas cole slaw and several dips and chips. It was easy and kid friendly.

Anna and Ellery posing by the grub.

Our backyard is not pretty, but does have some space so we took advantage. We borrowed my sister's awesome blow up slide and had a few other water toys.

Boone and Hayes, only a few months apart, the babies of 3 children and two BIG personalities!

Lainey Kate and Gage thought staying inside was more fun.

Ellery and AL thought it was a good time to get out the loom:).

Sweet girls I am SO thankful for!!
Soon, the backyard looked like this. Oh well! 

We moved the party out front for the Piñata.

We've done several piñatas at parties and they are always a hit.
Cooper finishing it off.

The favors were a mix of colored popcorn, peanut butter pretzels and m&ms. 
After we got all cleaned up, Boone and his helpers opened his presents.

We had such a great time with some really great friends!  Boone had no idea the festivities were about him, but he had a blast anyways. I love throwing a party and this one was just as fun as any. It's about friends, family, food and a good time.  I love the preparation and the planning, but most of all, I enjoy the actual event. The biggest blessing of our Midland move has been the people. So thankful we could all Cinco De Boone together!!

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