Sunday, May 11, 2014

Our Baby is TWO!

Seems like Boone's second year was faster that the first. I've never seen so much personality in one tiny body. He keeps us laughing and on our toes! 
He saw my camera on the counter and told me to "tate my pitcher" and starting "cheeeese"ing.

On April 29 he turned 2!! It was a normal school day and we carried on with our normal day after a few pics. 
After school, Anna had gymnastics and then we went to have a cupcake treat.

A little gymnastics and dance party in the parking lot.
He opened a couple of gifts from the fam.

We talked to some special people on FaceTime. 
That's cutie pie, Townley.

This kid can be wild and crazy but this is how he watches swim lessons. 

He is a pretty good eater, but often wants whatever is on my plate. 

Caught him red handed.
Always putting on a show.
Oh...this kid! What a joy he is and what a NUT!! ! He is really happy most of the time and occasionally really unhappy. Not much in between.  He waves and says hi and bye to everyone. He can work a crowd!  Just a few months ago he wasn't talking very much and now he is repeats EVERYTHING and speaks in sentences. I answered the phone the other day saying "hey girl" and he continued to say "hey girl" over and over and over for the next fifteen minutes. Boone looks in the mirror or in the reflection in my sunglasses and says "hi Boonie." Oh Boonie! We love you to pieces! You make friends wherever we go. You light up room and we are so thankful you are ours!! 

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