Monday, May 11, 2009

Mom's Day!...

Our Mother's Day weekend was great! We spent some time at the Lake Highlands football field for the annual Red/White game, and then we headed to Mema's house for some time with Papa and Mema. I am so bummed I don't have any pictures of AL with Papa, Mema and with all of the horses. She LOVED them and kept calling them "Doga, Doga, Doga." That is what she calls dogs. Close, but we will give it to her! We enjoyed some great JC's burgers and then headed home.

Sunday the three of us headed to church and then picked up lunch on our way home. Sunday night we went over to Honey and Papa's for an awesome steak dinner! AL loved her dinner, even a few bites of steak! She especially loved playing with the bubbles outside. Several pics of chasing bubbles...

These pics look kind of funny, since the bubbles didn't show up in the pics.

Dave and Papa with ALUs with HoneyHoney's beautiful fruit pizza for dessert! AL loved this too, of course!
We had a wonderful weekend getting to spend time with eachother and 2 other incredible mom's in our life! We missed getting to see Mimi!! We are so blessed to have so many amazing mom's around us including our own moms, Dave's grandmother, my great Aunt Rosie, our aunts, my sister, my sister-in-law and numerous other mom friends!! We love all of these ladies dearly! Thank you most of all to Mimi and Honey, our two moms, for pouring and pouring into our lives! I feel like now you are being blessed like no other time in your life for the years of deep devotion to our upbringing! These two women are exellent at displaying a Godly picture of motherhood.
"Your gift will return to you in full and overflowing measure" Luke 6:38

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Wendi Junod said...

Precious pictures! Wish I would have been there! Love you all so much! Great post. Also great picture taking. Thank you for doing such a good job so I can see LouLou so often.