Thursday, May 7, 2009

Top 10 Reasons I Love Doha!

As most of you know, my sister and her family moved to Doha, Qatar last fall. I had the amazing opportunity to go visit a few weeks ago! Shannon, Wendi's dear friend, went too and we had an unforgettable week! You have probably already seen all of these pics and heard about the trip on Wendi and Shannon's blogs. I finally got my pics ready and got them on here, so here are a few highlights from our trip.
10. SKYPE!
SKYPE and blogs help us remember what each other look like! JK! But SKYPE is amazing! Here we are doing a little Skyping with Honey and Papa while I was there. Aren't these boys beautiful!
#9. Interesting food like Chicken Schwarmas! sp?
The chicken fajitas of the Middle East! Yummy! I don't have a pic of the schwarmas, but here are some interesting pancakes in the grocery store for sale. I guess you get a little side of syrup. hmmm!? I guess no Bisquick in Doha!
#8. The Night Life!
Doha is a city that stays up late! It really is beautiful with all of the architecture and lights! Our awesome dinner at an Italian restaurant.

#7. Incredible Architecture
Doha has tons of growth and is becoming more and more commercialized! The buildings are so interesting and you never really know what each building is. We went into a mall that looked like an office building and into Brooks' and Barrett's school that looked like a house.

#6. Their malls put our malls to shame!! Yes, this is inside the mall! Want to take a ride on a gondola? H&M...Hello!Although these manikins were a little strange! Shannon and I decided to try out the poses.And the advertisements cracked us up! (Ummm..."I'd like to buy that.")Another funny poster.
#5. Beautiful Beaches!
And Saudi is just a hop, skip, jump and short swim away! This is it in the distance.And we got a girls trip too to a beautiful resort with more beautiful beaches!!
#4. Camel rides and "Duning" are a regular outing.

#3 Dairy Queen
This is DQ Country! (I thought Texas was, but we will give it to Doha.) Something of the South made it over there and they still turn your blizzards upside down! Way to keep it real!

#2. The Junods live there!!
My amazing brother-in-law and sister and their two precious boys, Brooks and Barrett live there. This city is so lucky to have this family!! This is why I love Doha!

#1. My BFF in the whole wild world, Wendi, lives there!
I do not know one person that would handle moving so far away to the Middle East like she has! When I say our family is close, I mean crazy close! She has done it with great courage, confidence, trust and obedience! She has handled the tasks of being a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend and woman with grace and a true Godly heart!


Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

i have tears streaming down my the last 2 reasons. so sweet! i loved all these pictures and your reasons are perfect! so glad you got to experience that!!!

Caryn said...

What a sweet post for your sweet sister. Reason 1 & 2 got me choked up and I think they are reason enough for anyone to love Doha!!

Olson Family said...

Great post!

I laughed when I read how you went into a mall that looked like and office building and a school that looked like a house:) I like how you phrase it..."interesting architecture"...don't know why that cracked me up but it did!

Sharon said...

This is a precious post!!

Wendi Junod said...

Sister! Wow...great, creative post and thank you from the bottom of my heart! I'll never forget the memories we made. I hope you'll come back again! You made my 7 months away from home absolutely do-able. :) I love you more than you know BFF!

shannonmichaelis said...

Great post - and much easier than I have made it for myself. Especially since I am the only one still posting about it. :-) Very creative. Hope you're feeling better and getting more sleep! You can be my traveling partner anytime....

Little Leach said...

I so see what everyone is talking about!!! Beautiful pictures, beautiful trip - beautiful family!!!!! Glad you're back safe and sound!

Six Halls said...

So creative Ash! I love it! Great posts and super descriptions of your trip!

Six Halls said...

That was supposed to say pics!

Carielle said...

Great post! :-)