Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa and more...

A few weeks ago my sis and her three munchkins, along with Wendi's dear friend Tracy traveled the globe to come home to Texas for Christmas! Nick has now joined the fam as they are in Houston visiting his family now. When Wendi and the kids got here we hit the ground running doing lots of Christmassy activities. The Bass Pro Shop was a fun outing one evening. As you can see, everyone loved Santa except sweet Graham.And poor thing, we made him do it again!He cheered up fast with a carousel ride.
Lots of fun things to climb on at BPS!
And fun things to shoot too!
Graham looking a little sleepy.
Honey Hugs!
One day Wendi was doing errands and seeing a few friends and I got to keep Barrett for most of the day. Graham followed his big cuz around all day!
When Graham was sleeping we made some cookies.
So many fun things to do this year with the people you love!!

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