Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tis the Season!

So much fun stuff going on these past few weeks. This is all a little out of order. We traveled to Houston to do Christmas with Mimi and PawPaw and lots of aunts, uncles and cousins. PawPaw had this train set up on the kitchen table, which was a big hit! Graham would rather watch than eat his lunch! Saturday night we had our family Christmas.
Mimi, Carter, G and Dave
Little ones helping light the advent.
Anna is into this arm around the shoulder pose.

cousins playing
Once again, hug pic!

G's first time to open presents. What fun, the paper of course!
Present extravaganza!
Sunday after church we went to Mimi and PawPaw's club for lunch. It is always so beautiful at Christmas time!
After an enourmous lunch, time for dessert!
Mine and Anna Lou's favorite part!

Attempt at sibling pics (G scratched his eyelid with his own finger nail. Just can't cut those often enough!)
How bout a kiss?
Or a smothering hug?

These Christmas trees outside were made to look like bears.
It was a wondeful weekend in Houston!
One night this week we met Honey and Papa at Frisco Square to see the light show to music. It was actually very warm that day, but nice not to have to bundle up to walk around outside. We enjoyed some Dimples Cupcakes to top off the night!
The only pic I got of Anna over-cheesing it with Honey.
Random pic from one day at home. Anna in her cute Cmas shirt from Honey.
A few weeks ago, my friend Summer had all of the "little" siblings over for a Christmas playdate while the older kids were all at school. Before attemping a group pic, we gave them all lollipops.
Here is G with Emerson and Jake.

Aren't the lollipops hilarious. It worked!
My good friend Becky hosted a little playgroup gingerbread house party.
Here they are ready to go!

This kept G content.
ps- they wore their Christmas PJ's.

So proud of their masterpieces!
Then we played outside.
And a goodbye hug for Brady, the host.

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