Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cowgirl Up!

Anna wore all of her cowgirl gear to school on Tuesday. The kids have been singing songs, studying and doing lots of activities on Texas, rodeos and all things western for the past month or so. The older classes got to take part in the big rodeo and sing all of their songs for the parents, so we can't wait to do that next year!
One of the special things about Anna is her relationship with her Daddy! By the time he got home from work, she just had on her skirt and shirt and the rest of the cowgirl gear had been shed. When she heard him coming in, she ran to her room and called me in their to help her get everything back on. She was so proud to show Daddy her outfit. Of course, this Daddy loved his doll baby in boots!! This girl loves affirmation from her main man!

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Trina said...

So precious! I love their tender relationship! So sweet!