Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring Has Sprung and Boone!

Spring has sprung around here! Although I am a little sad to see winter go without much of a winter, spring means lots of newness around here. Technically it is still winter for a few more weeks, but the warmer temps and sunny days have been a treat! One of my favorite things about our house is this tree in the front yard. It blooms pretty white flowers during the spring for only a short time, but I love it every year!

I am just hoping it doesn't warm up too quickly during these last 8 weeks of pregnancy. Exactly 8 weeks from today we will meet our BABY BOY! That is, if he doesn't decide to come any sooner! We have officially named him Boone Watkins Hall. We just liked the name Boone, and Watkins is my maiden name. All of our kids have family names for middle names. Boone seems to be a growing boy! He measures in the 85% in height and weight! Yikes! We are so excited for his arrival!


kjsonntag said...

I love the name Boone! And I love using your maiden name as his middle name. Your sweet parents (who I only know through your blog and your sister's blog!) are leaving such a great legacy and using their last name as his middle name is powerful!

Hope the end of this pregnancy is sweet and you are getting lots of rest! Love hearing about your life!

Katie and Justin Cox said...

BOONE! I love it! I am not sure I can handle any more Hall baby cuteness... but I guess I'll suffer through it! :) Seriously some of the cutest kids there are... praying for you on this last little (LONG) bit... he'll be here soon! :)

Melissa Duffield said...

Absolutely love the name! And if you have any questions about having three little ones...don't ask me, I'm still trying to figure it out ;)