Monday, February 27, 2012

Four Years Old!

Hard to believe our Anna Louise is Four Years Old! Why does four sounds so much older than three?! I am just dying that I only have a year and half left with her at home with me before kindergarten 5 days a week! Not ready for that!
Anna is such a joy to our family! She is smart, funny, sweet, driven, inquisitive, cuddly and an amazing big sister! Lots of family and some friends still call you Anna Lou. Our immediate family calls you Lou Lou. At school you are just "Anna." She enjoys school, outside play, dolls, soccer in the hallway, helping in the kitchen, playing pretend and crafts!
Anna's Favorite Foods: FRUIT, cheese, pbj, turkey sandwich, chick fil-a, pizza, carrots and hummus, desserts, juice and milk!
Anna's Favorite Toys: Barbies, babies, doll house, snap dolls, kitchen, soccer ball, bouncy balls, puzzles, memory games.
Anna has a shy side but once she warms up or if she knows you, she is quite the character. She loves playing with friends and her brother, but also enjoys independent play. Her teacher says the same thing.
Anna has such a girly side, but also a very tom-boy, competive side. She does not like to lose at a board game or soccer, but she is understanding more that it is ok to lose sometimes. She loves her gymnastics class and maybe in a year we will try soccer. She loves playing outside with balls, bats, her scooter, her bike and on the swing set.
Anna asks a lot of questions and is eager to learn! She remembers EVERYTHING! We passed a restaurant we ate at a year and half ago and she remembered going there with a friend. She comes home from school and tells me lots of things. "We don't need our jackets today, it's almost March and it's almost Spring." She loves school! She had made lots of sweet little friends and loves her teacher and of course, her Honey!
Anna is the most wonderful big sister we could ask for!! She isn't perfect and we have to correct some bossiness every once in a while, but she is Graham's biggest fan! When we are in a new place or Graham is a little unsure, she often puts her hand on his back, telling him what we are going to do and reassuring him she is going to take care of him. She gets so excited and uses this "mommy" high voice telling him "Good Job, Graham," "Did you make that at school?," "Graham, you look handsome!" I guess she is imitating me and she thinks I have a very high voice. We crack up every time! Just the other day, Graham was reaching for me and asking me to pick him up (which I cannot do so well these days) and she says "Graham, you are TWO now, Mommy can't pick you up because Baby Boone is coming!" As I write this, she coaching Graham up on how to finish his Cocoa Puffs cereal so he can drink the chocolate milk in the bowl. I just heard "Drink it Graham, drink it! Don't you like it?!" (again in the very high voice)
Anna has a few favorite tv shows: Cailou, Bubble Guppies and Team Umizoomi.
Anna sleeps: about 11-12 hours at night and everyday except school days, takes about a 2 hour nap. Anna loves to sing and dance! She sings in the car a lot! Anna has tender side to her personality. Physical touch might be her love language right now which has changed since she was a baby and toddler. She loves to sit very close on the couch, have her arms, back or legs scratched and we get lots of spontaneous hugs, kisses and "I love you's." She also loves to hear about when she was a baby and last night wanted to really remember what it was like to be a baby. At bedtime, she was peeking in Graham's room when I was rocking him and singing a song. I put him in bed and walked out of his room and she said "why do you rock Graham?" I told her he was still kind of little and sometimes likes me to rock him. She asked if she could be rocked too. I normally just tuck her in and sing a song or two and scratch her back, head, arms, etc. So we made it work. Holding her, while sitting of course, she sat in my lap and laid her head on my shoulder while a sang her songs. It was so funny and kinda awkward since she is getting so big. But it made me realize she still really wants to be my baby. She thought that was the best thing! And I kind of did too!
What a blessing the past 4 years have been! Having Anna as our first and as our only girl has been perfect for our family. She has such a sweet spirit and a little sass to go with it. I have no doubt she will love having another little brother and is going to be Mommy's biggest ally at home. She is so excited for our baby to come! She is a natural nurturer and takes her role very seriously as a big sis. We love her spunky spirit and her contagious laugh. Thank you Lord for our precious joy, Anna Louise, and we pray we continue to raise her with your help and guidance.

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Trina said...

Amazing, beautiful post all about your amazing Anna Lou! I love it!!! I swear if our families were closer we would see so many similarities of our children. Our Pearson's memory is amazing too! Hugs to you and yours!