Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just a little more birthday...

Sunday night of the actual birthday, Honey and Papa came over to continue the celebration. They brought dinner and presents galore. Anna got to eat on the red plate, of course, and why not drink out of the new water bottle that came with her bike?!

We sang and blew out candles one more time!

The next day we were able to get outside and tryout the new bike. Even though it is still a little big and she gets on her tippy toes when the pedals go down, she is a biking queen!

Excuse me Bubba as I zoom by!

Poor Brother is in that awkward stage of a little big for this riding toy, but not quite big enough for a tricycle. It didn't bother him though, as he followed sis down the road.
And she's off!
Love me some Grahammers!

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The Copeland Family said...

She looks like such a big girl here! I remember Jaxon going through the awkward, bicycle stage, like Graham. :) And, I would love to steal some pictures of the party on Saturday, too, if you get some time to post those. :)