Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Anna's Tea Party!!!!

Our Anna Louise turned four this past weekend and we partied it up with her best little girlfriends, their baby dolls, lots of dressing up, tea cups, fancy food, nail polish, and a little make-up. This was the most fun I have had in planning a birthday for one of my kids! I do believe it gets more and more fun the older they get! I gave Anna few options for party ideas and she chose this one and stuck to it even when I threw out new ones along the way. She loves babies, dress-up and playing pre-tend. She was determined to have her"Mommy Party" as she called it! It was so fun planning and decorating and letting her have a big part in it. We rented dress up clothes, jewelry, shoes, hats and tons of accessories from a place near by. The rest of the decor mainly came from my mom's china cabinet and some of my wedding gifts that needed to break out of my china cabinet for an event:). Mimi brought lots of antique dolls to help me decorate and I made the rest of the paper decorations with a borrowed Cricut machine. It was also one of the most inexpensive parties we have done. I got some cute ideas from Shannon and Katy who did similar parties for their girls a few years ago.

Warning- there might be 200 pics on the post!! My dear friends Amanda took them all!!!! So thankful she did such an awesome job!!!

The little girls used my grandmothers antique teacups and saucers and not one cup was dropped!

Party favors were baby bottles with candy, pretend diamond rings and lip gloss.

The girls all brought their favorite baby doll and stroller.

When the girls first got there, they picked out a dress, shoes, hat and accessories.

Then we dolled them up with a little make-up.

This was also the first party where only the girls were invited. No parents! ha! The girls all did great and it turned out to be perfect! I recruited the most wonderful helpers- Mimi, Honey, Mrs. Ross and two sweet friends, Julie and Amanda who were the mamas of the littlest guests.

We then split the girls into two groups. One group took the babies to story time (by Honey) and got them ready for bed. They sang and rocked their babies to sleep.

The other girls headed to the nail salon!
Letting those nails get nice and dry!

Then it was time for the Tea Party. The girls dined on flower-shaped pbj, fruit, cheese cubes, mini muffins and tea (raspberry lemonade).

Anna was ringing the bell in this pic, which is what they did when they needed more tea. I had no idea this would be so fun for them! They guzzled the tea just to ring the bell again.

The girls were all so sweet and polite! I am sure much more calm then the all-boy parties that are also in my future!

A specific request of the birthday girl was a piƱata, which she always says with a little Spanish twist. :) Is it a bowling pin, no a bottle of nail polish, duh?!

Faith drilled it!
Me and my belly dumping out the candy. You know it's a good friend that takes a decent pic of your prego belly! Lord knows there are some not so pretty angles!

Please note our lovely dead grass, it had rained all night and was just a yucky day outside! But that didn't stop us!

By then, their babies were waking up from their naps and it was time to take them on a walk.

The two sweet little ones loved following the big girls!
Attempt at a group pic, Olivia Kate had to leave a little early.

Time to have a dance party!

Lots of twirling was going on!
Honey finished things off with a Fancy Nancy.

The moms all came back to have cupcakes and sing "Happy Birthday" with us.

Anna with one of her besties, Harper enjoying their treats.
It was such a fun day and could not have been done with out the wonderful ladies that helped me dress-up, doll-up and serve these cute little ladies!! I wish I had a pic of just my helpers but they were so busy running around, keeping the party going!

This is a memory Anna Louise and I will cherish for a long time!


The Copeland Family said...

Fun, fun, fun! Faith talked about this party all the way home! Thanks so much!

Trina said...

Sooooo precious!! I loved every picture! Especially the one of you dumping the candy, your belly is tiny, sweet thing! Such a fun girl party, which is not in my future! Lots of fun, wild boys parties in my future! :)

Tiffany said...

Precious! Happy 4th Birthday!

Ashley said...

You did a GREAT job planning & decorating for this amazing party! Kaelyn & Shae had so much fun playing & celebrating sweet Anna!! :)

Jan said...

Whoohoo! Aunt Margaret's party touches, Honey's decors, & fine china keep on livin' & making pretty parties!! You girls did a marvelous job!

Team Sherman said...

You did an awesome job with everything for the party. No detail was left undone! Harper had a great time.