Thursday, February 9, 2012

Anna's Dad's Night at Preschool!

I had been reminded several times by my almost four year old that Dad's night was coming up and "no mommies could come." Although, I would have loved to been "allowed" to attend, I was excited for this special night for Daddy and his sweet girl. Finally, the preschool Valentines Dad's Night was here and she was so excited to dress up, curl her hair, eat pancakes at IHOP and go to Dad's Night with just her Daddy! Daddy surprised her with a sweet little wrist corsage that turned out to be the hit of the night for her! She hardly took her eyes off it all night!

Sweet little brother holding the box.
I love my brown-eyed babes!

Showing me that corsage!

They headed out for pancakes for dinner at IHOP, which was her choice. At Dad's night, they went to Anna's classroom first and did a Valentines craft. Next, all of the kids performed their Valentines songs for the daddy's. After the performance, they had Valentines desserts and got their picture taken. This was sent home in a cute Valentines card.
I did get see the video of the performance and besides checking out her corsage several times, she sang her heart out. What a special night that she and Daddy will never forget!


Trina said...

So sweet and precious!! She is one beautiful little girl!

The Copeland Family said...

Loved seeing these pictures once again...what a special night that Anna Lou will forever hold in her heart.