Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birthday Fun with MIMI!

MIMI was here for the party and to spend the weekend with us and the birthday girl. She even babysat Saturday night so Dave and I could go on a date. MIMI is so wonderful to always play lots with the kids, help give baths, help around the house and just share her love with our family! We were so glad she cam
The new fishing princess game is a new favorite!

Sunday morning, Anna's actual birthday she got her
big present from Mommy and Daddy, a BIG BIKE! She had been wanting one for quite a while and was so excited when we wheeled it in!

We had our first lesson in the hallway before heading off to church.
MIMI and PawPaw gave Anna lots of new dolls and doll house furniture for her dollhouse. It was a hit!
We are so thankful for our MIMI and all of the way she blesses us! She went to church and lunch with us on Sunday and then headed back to Houston.

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