Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Breakin'!

This spring break was low key, relaxing, productive and perfect! It was wonderful having Daddy home all week and spending time with him. We were not on a schedule, but a had few things planned for the week. Poor Anna Lou had her 4 year check up that ended with 4 lovely shots. Thank goodness a chocolate shake makes everything better!
We visited Mema at the farm one morning and drove the truck around the pasture to get a closer look at the livestock.
This is what Graham thought about the horses coming up close:(.

The weather was like this most of the week. Cloudy, breezy and a scare of rain, but never really did. I think the cows and horses thought we were coming to feed them.
The big plan for the week was creating Anna and Graham's room from Anna's old room. Graham had big changes ahead with moving into a new room, sharing with his sister and going to a big bed instead of a crib. These pics are from the first night.
As of now, it is safe to say, this has been a great transition. The kids have slept great and LOVE their new bunk beds!! We changed the entire room, but have a few more things to touch up.

Daddy did fun things like take care of our 2011 taxes, lots of odd jobs around the house and change the oil, with his little helper.
We also celebrated Papa's birthday. We grilled out and made a special cake with lots of special sprinkles:) for Papa!

Fun times with our last spring break as a fam of 4!

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Trina said...

Our weeks were very similar! Check out my blog post about it here:

I agree with one thing you said in your post too, our sweet 2nd borns are the ones with the most transitions right now. :) Sweet things!

We too changed rooms and changed the oil in both cars, although we paid to have it done. I hope all is going well in the last weeks of your pregnancy. Hugs!!