Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Boone's Arrival Story...

I had been praying that I would have the chance to go into labor on my own with Boone. I was induced with both Anna and Graham, and although it went very smoothly, I wanted to experience the excitement of labor at home or in the grocery store or somewhere that would make a good story:).  I was scheduled to be induced on Tuesday, May 1st.

Sunday morning, April 29th- I woke up around 5a.m. feeling a little pain but really not sure what it was. I haven't slept great the past few months and waking up early wasn't anything new.  I told Dave that I didn't feel very good, but wasn't quite sure what it was.

9:00am- Dave convinced me to call the doctor. Unfortunately, my doctor was not on call this weekend, but the on call doctor called me back quickly. I explained what was happening. Short pains every 5 or 10 minutes only lasting about 10 seconds most of the time. She calmly suggested I probably should come to the hospital to be monitored and that I may be in early labor.  We took our time packing a bag, showering, getting the kids stuff together and driving to the hospital. We got ahold of Honey and Papa, who were in church, to meet us afterwards at the hospital to take the kids.

11:00a.m.- We arrive at the hospital and H&P decide to take the kids to lunch and kind of hang around the hospital see what was going on with me. At the hospital, a wonderful nurse, Carla, explains they will hook me up to monitors, check my dilation and watch me for two hours and then make a decision. I would either stay longer or head home. At 11, I was dilated to a 4 which was only a tiny bit more than I had been for the past 2 weeks.

1:00p.m.- The past two hours I was contracting consistently and they are somewhat painful, but not killing me. Carla tells me to go walk around the hall a little bit and see if that will help me progress and then they would check me again at 1:30. Dave and I were sure that I could not do this for another day and half until Tuesday, but I still didn't know if this was real labor. H&P and the kids are back visiting us and we all go on a walk down the hall. I am casually talking to my mom and I notice a little leak. That's right, my water breaks, right there in the hallway. Yipee! This meant I was in real labor and they would not be sending us home!

1:30- Carla checks me again and I am a 6, which is another clue things are moving along.  She also informs me the contractions are about to get more painful since my water has broken.  Well...she was right!

***I am not recording this to brag or act strong or tough!! I never intended for labor to go like this, nor would I want it to happen like this again;)!! I have a few friends that choose drug-free labor and boy are they incredible!!

1:45-2:30- The pain changes dramatically and I felt things I have never felt in my life!  It is definitely a pain like nothing else that I cannot even describe.  We call for the epidural but it seemed to take an ETERNITY to get there. I am sure it was only 5 or 10 minutes, but those were some LONG minutes!! Carla checks me one more time and I am fully dilated between and 9 or 10.  Carla warns me the epi might not kick at this point. lovely! My sweet husband has now officially seen the best and the worst of his wife. It's that awkward "I am so sorry you are in so much pain, but I have no idea how to help you," moment!! He was so sweet and I know what just dying to see me like that. And I think I broke sweet Carla's hand while I was squeezing it.  I finally got the epidural and after another long 5 minutes it started to kick in. Praise the Lord!! The on call doctor, who was great, walks in and I start pushing.

2:45- After about 15 minutes of pushing, Dr. McCormick, tells me and Dave that Boone is stuck and we need to make an immediate decision. Either use the vacuum to get him out or have a c-section. We looked at each other and quickly decided to go with the vacuum. I felt like we were so close to Boone being here, how could we go backwards now with a c-section. The vacuum worked great and he came right out!

2:48- Our sweet Boone Watkins Hall arrived at 8 pounds, 7 ounces and 19 1/4 inches long. He came out screaming and looking a little thicker than our other two babies.  Honey, Papa, Anna and Graham got to meet him right afterwards.  Thank the Lord for technology, my sweet sister was there the whole time on FaceTime. Mimi and PawPaw were on the road from Houston and got there about an hour after he was born.

It all happened so fast and already is a blur. Sunday afternoon I wrote everything down that had happened so I wouldn't forget. So glad I did! I want to remember our dramatic, crazy, but all along planned by our Great Creator, arrival of our Baby Boone!


Katie and Justin Cox said...

Phew! I am so glad everyone is doing great! You know how those youngest kids are... always making a splash! :) Congrats to you and your sweet fam! I can't wait to see more adorableness from the Hall clan!

Kendra said...

So glad you shared, Ashley! Thanks! What a birth story! Loving the pictures thus far of sweet baby Boone and your beautiful family of FIVE now. Congrats to ya'll! hugs from Wisconsin.

Melissa Duffield said...

My heart is racing reading that birth story! Takes me back to when Sammy was born. I wasn't so lucky to get the epidural like you. MAN, I remember the pain of those contractions.

Great job, mama! Congrats to all of you! Hope we can see you soon!