Friday, May 4, 2012


 The Big Sis and Big Bro are still very excited that Little Bro has joined our family!
 AL does this multiple times a day and eats it up!
 This is an example of what you let fly in your house when your hands are a little full.

 Boone got his first bottle and who better to give it to him than his brother and sister! For the record, this was the first time Graham has held Boone. It lasted about 30 seconds.:)

Sister was a pro!

We took B into Uncle Jimmy, our pediatrician, for his check-up. All is perfect with our little B!

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Trina said...

Hi!!!!!!!! I absolutely love this post and can so relate!! Our chairs from the Pottery Barn often end up in the same position as yours in this post and then my boys climb all over them! I hear ya on things that you let fly when you have your hands full. :) Hugs to you and yours!