Friday, May 25, 2012

The start of summer!

 It's officially the start of summer for the Hall House. Daddy has just a week left of school and we are excited for him to be around a lot more! We are in summer mode around here! All of these are phone pics, because I have enough to carry around and the camera is one more thing. A&G finished up their school year with a fun water day and farm day.

 Daddy is pretty much on duty with A&G and they have spent lots of time at the farm with Papa. G is really starting to like the horses and will tell you all about riding "Pistol" if you ask him.

 MIMI so graciously has blessed us with a babysitter several times so that I could spend some time with A&G. What a gift this has been! We have enjoyed some of Daddy's spring football games and other outings like playing in the fountains while Baby Boone is out of the heat, and at home with our sweet babysitter. The snacks were G's favorite part of going to the fountain.

 We get out more than I thought with all 3 kids and so far B does pretty good sleeping in his carseat carrier. 

Snow Cones with friends!
 B gets plenty of lovin' from these two.

 backyard sprinkler fun.
 Time at Honey and Papa's helping water and plant flowers.

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