Monday, July 8, 2013

A sweet goodbye...

With our quick change of plans, we were SO thankful for the wonderful Ramsey Family, Honey and Papa and the Junods that wanted to throw together a last minute Going Away Party for us. Papa and the Junods were working hard in Houston unloading their moving trucks into their new house (a lot going on for our fam this week!), but my awesome Mama and Amanda threw a wonderful little shindig! 

Not sure what I would do without her! Not much will change with us. We will still talk on the phone multiple times a day, mostly about nothing.

I blurred our new address, just in case:). What a cute door decoration!!
The hilarious, but always delicious cookie cake! We assumed that was a white cloud or sheep or spill of icing. Maybe the trainee at Cookie Company did this one. It wasn't exactly what Amanda had envisioned, but it sure tasted good!

checking out tiny Baby Walker.
Our sweet host kids!!
Great friends that will never be replaced!

cute little girlfriends that have been since they were tiny!!

Canes chicken and Honey's sides!
Our sweet hostesses with mostest!!

classmates and great friends and we love their parents, too!
These are just some good ol' boys! thankful Dave has these awesome guys in his life!

Don't know what I would do without these two. My first little playgroup friends when we each had one baby girl and now we have 9 kids together! Shed some tears saying bye to these besties!
Sarah and I and our babies, so sorry Walker's head was cut off!
Thankful for the wonderful Shermans...old neighbors, running buddies for me and Dave, same birth order for our kids and a family we will always keep up with!

Different connections with each one of these sweet girls and so fun to have all of our oldest kids in the same class.  
Big hugs!

Aren't heel with swimsuits in?
Thank you Ramsey's for your beautiful house and backyard, and a chance for us to see so many people that are so special to us!!

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