Sunday, July 14, 2013

Just hangin' and waitin'!

We are in Houston for a few days while we wait for Baby Junod to make her arrival! We CAN NOT wait to meet sweet Baby Townley, but we are loving our time with cousins and Honey and Papa while we wait!  Thanks to Wendi and Nick for hosting all of our crew in your new house while you wait for your newborn to be born. Some might think they are crazy, but we love 'em and are so thankful for their hospitality! This was our first trek from Midland to Houston. Whew...we made it and totally worth it!!

Someone had my phone and took a selfie:)
 A few catnaps on the way down, hoping for more napping on the way home.
 The Junods moved into their new house just last week and are still getting settled.  So glad they let us come crash their party in their beautiful house and backyard!

 All the cuzzies in one room, except Baby Boone. Somehow they are actually sleeping.
 WII dance competition.
 So glad we got to be in town for our other cousins, Lily and Emery's, bowling birthday party. And so fun that our cousins on both sides of our family are friends!!

 Happy birthday sweet girls!

We will continue having a blast with the Junods till sweet Townley comes to join the party!

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