Monday, July 8, 2013

Here we go!

 Our life has been a whirlwind the past few weeks! We got home from Galveston on Friday, packed the last bit of our stuff on a Uhaul on Saturday, said goodbye to lots of sweet friends on Sunday and drove to Midland on Monday, July 1st. Our plans have changed a little. Our house we are building in Odessa is taking quite a bit longer than planned:(. But no reason for us to fret, we found a house in Midland to rent. We are so blessed to have it!! Renting in this part of Texas is hard to find these days!! It's crazy out here! We decided to go ahead and move out west now instead of later in the summer like we had originally planned. Dave had the week off to help with all of the unpacking, and we wanted to get a lot done before we traveled to Houston to welcome Baby Townley, who is coming any day now. So off we went!!

Saturday night, while still in Dallas, we celebrated our 7th anniversary at Chamberlains. We made it, Honey! 7 Years! (Whatever that means!) Best 7 years of my life!

Sunday morning the last load of our crud was packed! Most of our stuff went with the movers a few weeks prior to the rent house in Midland.

This little guy was our first visitor. The kids really wanted to keep him since he was meant for us with that "H" painted on his back. He must have belonged to a neighbor and hopefully returned to that neighbor;).

The morning of the 4th we decorated our scooters to head downtown for the kids parade.

Go RockHounds! The Midland minor league baseball team.
We thought it never rained here! But that didn't stop anybody. Everyone was so glad to have the rain, we marched on.

Later the sun came out and I attempted a pic of our trio.

And were done.

You gotta have a burger on the 4th, so how about a whataburger.

We went back downtown to the 4th festival.
B enjoyed some bites of our fried snickers.

Everyone dropped me and B off at home and then went back for the fireworks. B wasn't going to make it till 10pm.

Daddy took the bigs to the movie so I could get some unpacking done.

The kids have adjusted well and slept just fine. Nothing like your own bed that has been in storage for 5 months.

Not so sure about that playroom I've always wanted.

So many boxes.

First movie night in our new house.

 We got us a TCBY out here! Yippee!

We visited a church today and really liked it! The first of many new places for these guys!
Here we go!!


Katie and Justin Cox said...

What fun! New adventures are always exciting... and a bit exhausting! :) Looks like you 5 are going to just great in West Texas! So glad you are still blogging... does it seem like it is a dying trend to you too??!! :) At least for plain and simple family bloggers like me! :)

Kendra said...

Love this Ashley. Kinda brings tears to my eyes. Ya'll have been heavy on my heart as you do this. It is so clear to see you are not just going out of faith and obedience to His will for your family...but joyfully...and embracing it. May ya'll be immeasurably blessed out there!