Monday, January 18, 2010

Anna's first cut (trim)...

We took Anna to get her very first haircut. She didn't really need a cut, but just a trim in the back to even out the ends. Because it was her first cut, we took her to a cute kids cut place. She was very entertained by the Barbie Jeep, Barbie movie, lolly pop and lots more. Before- my little scraggle muffin:)

She was very calm and didn't mind the lady cutting.

And to top it off, she got a mini french braid:)! Probably not what I would have chosen, but why not!
The dum dum kept her very still!

The final product with the mini braid:)
No one can probably tell that she got a haircut, but her daily hairstylist can!


The Junods said...

All of these expressions are hilarious! I seriously have been laughing out loud...especially when I came to the braid pic. I couldn't picture it before and now...that is just classic. Lou Lou is the next either the next LC or Marion Jones.

Great post! I love how she's just chillin' for the braiding! Who wouldn't in a Barbie Jeep.

Shannon said...

LOVE THAT BRAID!!! Seriously, I know one Reagan Brown that would DIE for that hair-do! She loves her some braids! (Just ask your all comes from her sweet friend Emma at school! too cute!)

Katie and Justin Cox said...

I LOVE the braid! That is SO great! And I'm sorry but your two kiddos are the MOST adorable kiddos around... and your sister's are too! (Yes, I blog stalk her too!) Y'all got some good genes!! :) Hope all is well!!

Olson Family said...

Anna is so cute with her little haircut! I'm sure you're going to do a "mini french braid" in her hair EVERY morning Ash:)

Lucy said...

she looks so cute. I love her sweater.

(I just re-discovered your blog, so I am doing some catching up!)