Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Eve and Christmas morning...

We spent Christmas Eve with the Halls. We visited Mema at her house and then came to our house for dinner and a few presents.
Mike Sr, Mike, Dave and Mema with all of the grandkids.
Lily and Anna playing with some of Dave and Mike's old toys.
Graham smiling at Aunt Kim, Aubery and Emery.

Mema with A&G

Anna is not that into opening presents yet. She needs a little coaching from us. I know it will come soon enough!
Bundled up to head out in the cold!
I took this quick pic as we were leaving the farm at Mema's and it started to snow.
Kids dinner table
cousins bathtime!

Christmas morning was special since it was just the four of us at home. Anna is still not quite old enough to understand Santa and Graham is just along for the ride! Honey and Papa had planned to come over, but icy roads kept them at home.
Dave and G having their morning coffee.
Anna loving her new vaccum
And her big present was a new playhouse in the backyard. She did not know what to think of the snow, but loved her new "house" (she calls it).

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Katy said...

Love Anna's little capelet! And love seeing Miss Priss use her new vacuum! hehe :)