Monday, January 4, 2010

Watkins Christmas...

We spent a few wonderful days at Honey and Papa's house with Wendi, Nick and the boys! H&P only live 20 minutes away, but it still is fun to spend the night there so we can spend extra time together! We had our family Christmas a few days after Christmas, but it doesn't seem to matter the date. The important thing is that we are together and celebrating the birth of Christ!
These pics are going to be WAY out of order, but oh well! Here we are at the big Watkins Christmas at my aunt and uncle's house.Happy Birthday Uncle Nick! We always celebrate Nick's bday right after Christmas, Jan 3rd.
Anna and Barrett enjoying some cupcakes
Brooks and Barrett helping Papa plant the donut tree. Cheerios go on the branches as the seeds!The next morning, Barrett checking to see if the donuts grew. They did!
Anna helping Brooks make (eat) cookies.
We got a kid-free dinner with Wendi and Nick on New Year's Eve thanks to Honey and Papa!! Our Christmas dinner was a fish fry!! Not Mom's typical Christmas dinner, but Dad insisted! And we all loved it! Even the kids!!

Here are the men and Anna frying up some fish, hush puppies and fries! yum!
Waiting patiently for presents.
Dave with A&G
Many jeep rides in B&B's new jeep from Santa.
Even Anna got a turn to drive. Watch out! She couldn't reach the pedal and steer at the same time. Yay! It's snowing!
Graham's First Christmas!

Great Aunt Rosie spent the day with us.
Honey and AnnaB&B in their new BU jerseys.
Fiesta Bowl frog shirts. Too bad they didn't help!
Presents galore! Got to love this time of year!!!!!

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Caryn said...

What a fun Christmas!! I love seeing your sweet family all together.

Ad we have to steal the donut tree tradition - it is just priceless!