Monday, January 11, 2010

Trip to D.C....

Back in October we celebrated my 29th and Dave's Big 30th birthday. Dave's 30th really didn't get celebrated enough since Graham was born two days before and it was the middle of football season. Some of our family chipped in to help us pay for a little trip for the two of us after football season was over. The day after Christmas we flew to Washington D.C. to watch the Cowboys play the Redskins. We only had 3 days and 2 nights so we were very busy trying to cram everything in that we wanted to see. I found the travel package through the Cowboys website so we stayed at the same hotel as the team and went to a dinner/radio show and got to meet a couple of players. And they took care of us getting to the game, hosted a tailgate party and brought us back to the hotel. We spent the rest of our time touring the city. Neither one of us had ever been there, so we were so excited to see our nation's capital!
Watch out- picture overload! And these are just a few of the many I took. We just happen to walk in our hotel when the team was arriving. The hotel security would not let us get very close and these pics are awful, but it still was exciting!

Jerry J and his wife in her full length fur. You can see Jerry's hand waving.Wade Phillips coming in. And a great pic of the Ritz staff:).Jason Whitten's back:). We did get a smile from him. At the dinner & radio show where Choice and Ratliff were being interviewed.
Getting a pic and autograph
Here are some touring pics from the first day. It was cold and drizzly.

My history teacher husband insisted we make a point to stop here. I made him do that for the pic. It was enormous and we only saw a few parts of it. Amazing!

Rocky Balboa's gloves.
Laura Bush's inauguration ball gown.
Abe's hat.
We took a tour of the monuments at night which was beautiful. These pictures aren't very good, but you get the idea.
Lincoln Memorial
Jefferson Memorial
Dave checking out Thomas JVietnam Memorial
The other 2 days we were there the weather was great. Chilly, but sunny! I don't have any pics from the Holocaust Museum since they were not allowed, but it was truly moving and something everyone should see.

A pic at Arlington Cemetery and you can see Washington monument in the background.

Changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This was awesome!

Sunday afternoon we headed to FedEx Field to watch the Boys play!
A little tailgating with some TRUE Cowboys fans! There were tons of Cowboys fans at the game!
The NBC sports broadcaster.
The team getting fired up when they came out to warm up.

The Boys about to score!
As you can see, our seats were high! But there were great!
And the Cowboys beat the Redskins which made it even better!!!
Our trip was awesome! We got a couple of days to see an amazing city, watch a great game and spend some time with just each other! Thanks you to our family for making this possible! And a HUGE thank you to Honey and Papa for taking such wonderful care of our two munchkins! We had an even better time knowing they were being loved on so much!


The Junods said...

Great post and awesome pix of such a fun weekend. So so glad yall were able to do that! Much needed and great memories!

shannonmichaelis said...

I was telling Wendi that I thought you guys went to Washington State (and what on earth would you do there for 3 days) to see two RANDOM football teams. No clue it was to DC to watch the Cowboys! I feel s foolish - this trip was awesome! I feel so much better that this is what you did - I couldn't put it together why you would want to go to a random game in Washington State....

Lucy said...

wow! That looks like such a fun trip. Good thinking about booking your tickets through the cowboys site. clever! y'all are such a cute couple! Happy Belated Birthday to both of you!