Thursday, February 18, 2010

Anna, The TWO Year Old!

It seems like this was last week... And now it's 2010 and you are TWO, Anna Louise Hall!!
Tomorrow, Febuary 19th, our little Anna will turn two! It has been an incredible two years and so much more than I could have ever hoped for. I just cannot believe she is TWO!
There are so many precious things we love about our Anna Lou, but here are some of my favorites:
~the way you run/gallop when you are excited.
~the way you pronounce some words like cookies "tookies" and thank you "chank chu" and waffles "wapples." (and lots of other cute words)
~your raspy voice.
~how you immediately lay your head on my shoulder before nap or bed when I sing "Jesus Loves Me."
~how you always love on your baby brother and have shown no signs of jealousy.
~how you have never had seperation anxiety (crossing my fingers).
~how you love animals of all kinds and have no fear of them.
~how you remind us sometimes to pray for before bed.
~how you say "Love You Mommy, Love You Daddy"...."Chuv you Mommy, Chuv you Daddy!"
~how you love having "Piggies" in your hair.
~you are still itty bitty, wearing size 18 month clothes and weighing 24 lbs. Your brother is going to catch you soon!
~listening to you learning to sing songs like "How Great is our God" and "Blessed Be the Name."
~how you like your baby dolls swaddled.
~how when asked where daddy is you say, "Bootball!"
~most of the time you are a good eater.
~you are finally a good napper!!!!!
~how you squinch up your nose and tell me your hands are "ticky" after eating your morning waffles or pancakes and fruit.
~you are all girl in some ways with purses, stroller and babies, but in other ways you are a tomboy loving to kick and throw that ball!
I could go on and on as most mothers could!! But these are a few of the sweet little things that our baby girl does. We think she is the most precious, beautiful, extraordinary little girl in the world! (I'm her mom and can say that:)!
Happy 2nd Birthday to our Anna Louise!! We love you more than anything and are so thankful the Lord gave you to us!
More posts to come of birthday festivities!


Trina said...

This is precious!!! I love this post of all the things you love about Anna Lou! I may have to be a copycat and do the same for my sweet Aaron this week, who I can not believe is turning one on Tues! Your Anna Lou is precious! Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

The Junods said...

Oh heavens! I'm bawling! Sweet Lou Lou, we love you so much. What a precious gift God gave us in you!! Great post Ash. Would give anything to see yall this weekend for the birthday and be there for the party. Have a lot of fun! We'll talk to you when you wake up :)

Katie and Justin Cox said...

Well I'm not her mom and I still think she's the CUTEST girl out there! I am just hoping she likes younger men someday! :) Happy Birthday Anna Lou!!

Missy Rooney said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Anna Lou!!! We can't wait to celebrate soon :)