Monday, February 1, 2010

Our house lately...

So I spoke to soon telling a friend a few weeks ago how we had been lucky to avoid any sickness this winter. Well...that is what I get. We've had a few ear infections, a few stomach bugs, some major colds and a few little accidents the past two weeks. Everyone is on the mend now! Here are a few pics from around our house lately.
Anna "ate it" on the sidewalk and skinned up her chin, lip, nose and forehead. I wish this picture actually showed how bad it looked. I should have taken a pic the day it happened. She only cried for minute but made this awful, sad face everytime she looked in the mirror. And this is her new "cheese" face. Not really what I was going for, but at least she is trying.
Graham made his first trip to the nursery at church this weekend. We had been taking him with us to our Bible Fellowship class and watching the service on tv from another room in the church, but it was time for him to get some lovin' from the sweet ladies in the nursery. MIMI gave Graham this sweet little outfit with Phillipians 2:15 on the back. I wish I had a pic of the matching shoes!Graham's seat during dinner. Lots of sucking on the hands!
And a few pics of Anna gettin' in Graham's "bidness!" I don't normally like naked pics, but I'll let this one slide. She is always in his face. Poor guy!
This is just the beginning!


Katie and Justin Cox said...

Such a sweet little family! They are SO cute Ashley!! Glad y'all are on the mend!

The Junods said...

Oh please let me hold that sweet boy! The busted face is too funny and so sad!! Barrett gets those "eat it" marks and they stay forever. Miss your babies so bad! Why do we have to wait another 4 mo!!!??? Please keep posting. G is looking so different and big! LVU all!