Thursday, February 11, 2010

Owen and Anna...

We met the Pels , Greg and Steph, a few years ago at a Coaches Outreach retreat. We were friends instantly because all FOUR of us were coaches. Steph and I also played softball against eachother in high school too. I had just quit my job to stay at home with Anna and Steph told me she wanted to do the same thing when she had a baby one day. Well...she did have a baby one day and his name is Owen! They came over for dinner last weekend and we finally got to meet Owen in person. He is such a cutie and Anna loved him! Graham missed most of the fun because he was sleeping, but here are a few pics. We are so blessed to have Christian, coaching friends like the Pels! It's a crazy life and great to have friends that can relate!

Sweet little OwenAnother "cheese" smile from A.L.How 'bout a kiss O?How 'bout another?And this was A.L. ready for church on Sunday with a quirky smile:). She insists on wearing her backpack long before we are ready to leave. This dress was a gift and ever so girly! (Excuse the unmade bed.)

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Pels Family Updates said...

Thank you for the kind words!!!!! We had such a WONDERFUL time with y'all as well and feel the same way about you guys, "Very Lucky to have y'all in our lives as well!"
Have a great snow filled day! :)