Saturday, February 20, 2010

Anna's Birthday (part 1)...

First...a message from Baby G for Anna Lou.
Did you want to see 50 pics of my child? Probably not, but here ya go!

Anna's 2nd Birthday started a couple of days before when we let her open a package that came in the mail from my sweet friend, Jayme. Showing me her card.

Jayme sent two books and the cutest little dress!! Thank you Jayme!!! Anna loved them!

Thursday before MDO. Not sure what this little move is.

We made #2 cookies for her MDO class and when I showed them to her, of course she needed one.

Dave and his Mini Me! The night before her BIG DAY after bath.

Birthday kiss for Daddy.

Birthday breakfast.

Showing me her "two" fingers.

Opening her card from Mimi and PawPaw.

Blurry bday kiss for brother.

Helping make her cake.


And this little punkin' just hangin' in the saucer!

So excited to see Honey! H&P came over for a bday dinner, cake and presents.

Good blowing!

My great friend, Janet , let me borrow this cute cupcake pan.

Anna's first look at her new kitchen from H&P!!!

How about the food in the sink.

Opening more presents from H&P and Aunt Sissy and Uncle Nick! This girl is spoiled rotten!!

Thank you H&P for such wonderful gifts and a fun night!

Another post coming soon with more birthday fun...


Parker and Janet said...

Your cupcake cake turned out super cute! Happy Birthday Anna!!!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday to Sweet Anna!!!
We have the same kitchen and we have LOVED it!

shannonmichaelis said...

Can't believe she's two! Love that huge cake and the kitchen too!

Caryn said...

I can"t believe she is already 2!! Happy Birthday.

And, yes in fact I do want to see 50 pictures of your child - and then some :).

Shelly said...

I can't believe she is 2! She's so adorable, and I love her in pig tails! You're such a good mom with the 2 shaped cookies and the cupcake cake. So creative! Your mom and dad look great; tell them I said hello! :)

Little Leach said...

lovin' the kitchen. b can't wait to come play in it!

Kampen Family said...

I am so impressed with that cupcake cake!!! Your little 2 year old is a DOLL!!

Jan said...

Fantastic kitchen! Way to go H&P! She'll be a great cook like Mommy & Honey!