Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fiesta and a playdate...

Yesterday at Anna Lou's MDO they had a Mommy and Me Fiesta! At the end of the day they had a little party for all of the tots and their mamas! It was super cute with games, snacks and festivities for all! Graham got his normal ride in the Moby Wrap while AL and I tried out everything. First, of course, is snacks.
Blurry picture of AL and cute little Charlotte. Charlotte's grandmommy and AL's grandmommy have worked together for who knows how long and we have known them for forever!!

Pinata time, which had AL a little nervous!
But after some convincing/forcing:) she gave it a swing!
Bounce houses for all!
And how 'bout a Fiesta pic!
After the par-tay, we headed to visit our friends Stephanie and Owen.
Owen's daddy has started spring football too so we are all in the same boat!! Owen and Graham were cooperating, but the little missy was not so much.
We had so much fun at our playdate with them. And my sweet friend Stephanie played ball with AL the entire time! She is an ex-softball coach so she didn't mind too much.

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Pels Family Updates said...

SUPER CUTE!!!! Your pic's turned out sooo much better than mine. Can I post your pic's on my blog?

We had so much fun too and are so happy to have y'all in our lives!!!! :)