Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rhett and a Waco Wedding...

Dave and I made a quick trip to Waco on Saturday for my friend Rebecca's wedding. First stop was to see Amanda, Doug and Baby Rhett who were in town at Amanda's parents house. I had not been able to meet this little guy in person yet. He is adorable and looks identical to his mama! After a costume change at their house we headed to Rebecca and Michael's wedding. Wendi and I were good friends with the Brophy girls at BU and our parents all knew eachother at BU too. After the a beautiful ceremony that was simple, elegant and personable, we headed to the Brophy residence for the reception. The pictures do not quite capture this incredible setting.
Here come the Mr. and Mrs! Me and Julia
Julia's adorable little Brooks.
The beautiful bride and me.


Rebecca B said...

I'm so honored to make the blog!! I love these pictures and LOVED seeing you there Ashley! Thanks for taking these, I'm excited to see pictures since I didn't take any of my own. Hope to see you soon!
- Rebecca

Julia said...

It was so great to see you Ash! I wish we could have visited more. Thank you so much for taking these pictures. I really hope I can see you again soon!!