Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Go Lions!!

Most of our friends and family have known about this for a while and I posted on facebook already, but I have to blog about it and remember this special week. Dave started his new job full time at Mckinney High School as the defensive coordinator! I am so proud of him! For the past three years we have been at Lake Highlands H.S. with some amazing coaches, kids, staff and a wonderful community. A few months ago a fellow coach at LH and good friend got the head coaching position at McKinney and asked Dave and another coach from LH to come with him. We have loved LH and it has been a great place to be, but we felt this move was exactly what the Lord wanted us to do. God is so faithful and brought us to live in McKinney three years ago when I was still working in Denton and Dave at LH. It was right in between both jobs, but who knew that Dave would end up working in this city! The Lord knew!! The most exciting part for me is that now Dave will only drive 8 minutes to work! He has been commuting about 45 minutes which make the long hours of coaching even longer! We are so excited for this opportunity to live in the community that Dave will work and hopefully be here for a very long time! Spring football is in full swing so Dave is already hard at work getting the McKinney Lions ready for the fall! This was the first night this week I knew Dave would be home in time for dinner so he got to eat on the The Red Plate! The Red Plate was a tradition in my family where you got to eat on it if it was your birthday or some big accomplishment was made. So for Cinco de Mayo we had Mexican food and Dave got his on The Red Plate! We have been eating outside more and more with this beautiful weather and less mess to clean up afterwards!
I love that baby Graham is starting to get after Anna Lou a little!
We are excited to see what God has instore for us at McKinney High School and Go Lions!!


Tiffany said...

That's wonderful! My dad coached at the high school in our neighborhood. I felt like we got to see him more often than most of the other coaches got to see their families. I was his little sidekick as I grew up! I know you will love having him coach close to home!

Chris and Shelly said...

I'm so excited that Dave works at McKinney High now. That is awesome. I teach in McKinney too! I love it! Hopefully I will see you guys around! :)

Shannon said...

We grew up with the Red Plate tradition as well and now we do it with our kids! I love it! And....GO LIONS!

Katie and Justin Cox said...

First, CONGRATS!! Second, I love McKinney!! Third, I LOVE the red plate tradish! So cool! Such a sweet little family you have!!

amanda k. brown said...

yay! congrats to dave!

i never knew about your red plate tradition. how did i miss that? i love it! i want to do that.

cant wait to see you tomorrow!!