Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bye Bye Colin and visit with Mema...

We are sad that are sweet friends, The Sappingtons, are heading west to Fort Worth. I have known Kelly almost my entire life and it has been so fun getting to hang out with her and her adorable Colin since we both moved back to the area, got married and had babies. So glad they won't be too far away!! We had a little lunch playdate at Chick Fil A to see them before they move. These four little munchkins have had several playdates over the past year or so. This is a pic exactly a year ago. Oh how they have changed!
Anna, Kate, Harper and Colin

The kids and mamas. (Graham was hanging with Dave). And all three of the other mamas are prego with #2, so soon there will be 8 kids in the picture!
We also went to visit Mema, Dave's grandmother, and Dave's dad, Papa. Mema can hold her own! She is 92, and holds Graham like a champ and all of her other grandbabies. She loves just watching them play.
AL and Graham always love playing with some of their daddy's old toys that she had kept around.

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