Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Southbound 35...

We made a quick day trip to Waco last week. Dave and Graham hung out at home while my mom, sister and I took the rest of the kids to Bear Country:)! The troops in the far back seat. Georgia and I were in the middle and mom and Wen up front.First stop...of course!

We met some good friends, the Stewarts and the Kennedys at Ninfa's.
On to the BU campus and to the Bear Pit. We got the boys and Anna Lou all excited to see the real Baylor Bear and that silly bear was asleep in the corner.

The smile I have been getting lately.
We made a few more stops at the BU Bookstore for some new BU gear and also to see all of the new additions around campus. We headed home and caught a few naps on the way.

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Kampen Family said...

That picture of the kids asleep in the car is precious!