Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saying bye to the Halls...

Our friends, Matt, Kendra and Macie Hall are moving to WISCONSIN!! We met them at church and have loved getting to know them! Kendra and Matt are from out of state, but have lived here for 6 years and now are moving 10 hours away and still will be several hours away from both of their parents. I am amazed by their faithfulness to follow God's plan for their family. I can't imagine being that far away from my family. We will miss them dearly and pray for them as they make this huge transition. We got to play with Kendra and Macie a few times before they head out this week.
Good thing Anna has that ring on:). This girl loves the splash park. Cutie Conner sunbathing.
Anna and Macie sharing a snack.
Us with Kendra and Macie at the mall for another playdate.
Another sweet friend, Jerica, who also moved away last summer was in town. So fun to see her and Jacob!!
AL and Macie played in the mechanical car/rides but our kids had no idea they moved if you put quarters in. We didn't have any quarters, but they had a blast just climbing in and out of them.
Harper and AL

So thankful for these awesome friends!!

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