Saturday, May 14, 2011

30 pounds of precious!

Our little Graham Haggard weighs 30 pounds, actually 29.5 to be exact! He is 18 months old and growing up too fast for me! He is in the 85% in weight and 76% in height. I think he may catch big sis soon. I see a bright future playing linebacker for Daddy! Graham is a little chatter box saying new words all of the time. He will try almost anything and some come out right! Some of his favorites are Mama, Daddyyyyy, Anna, Okie (oskie our dog), Papa, Mimi, Honey, Uh oh, Oh no, OH MAAAAN, Amen, tank you, peeees (please), mo (more), muk (milk), tuk (truck) and lots of animal noises. He is a climber and trying to run so fast. Got to keep my eye on this boy!

He is still a mama's boy but that's ok! ha! Mama can make everything better every time! He loves his Daddy too! He runs with arms up to greet him when he gets home. Graham loves a routine! He has such a sweet heart and loves to hug and kiss. He definitely has some "all boy" characteristics like throwing everything that resembles a ball and holding anything that resembles a bat like he is up at the plate ready to swing. He loves trucks, animals and anything outside. His little personality is coming out! He can be the sweetest, easy going little thing and then on the floor, red-faced screaming the next minute. This boy can throw a tantrum with the best of 'em! Enough to wear Mama out! But those hugs and kisses and quirky little smile will melt ya!

He still LOVES the nursery at church and the sweet ladies that care for him say he doesn't make a peep. He especially LOVES Ms. Shirley in the nursery! She is an elderly lady that has him every Sunday and also had him on Wednesdays during bible study this year. She comes with open arms to get him when we show up each time. I am always a little nervous that 90 lb Ms. Shirley might fall over with Bubba in her arms:). But she loves him to death and he loves her!! What more could I ask for!?

G is good eater! I would say he eats an average amount and likes most things. He sure loves the condiments and dipping. I thought I would never be that mom, but hey, I get it now! He has been very interested in our food lately. I've noticed him passing on plain, kid food and wanting whatever Dave and I are eating. And this boy still loves his milk! He thinks juice is ok and water is for the birds. We'll work on that.

G is careful in new situations. He likes to "take it all in" at new place or with new people. After a few minutes, he warms up, but mama's arms or lap is the best place until then. Loud noise and chaos are not his favorite. This makes sweet thang a little nervous. He doesn't care too much about tv. He might stare at Baby Einstein or Praise Baby dvd for a few minutes or occasionally Elmo.

G adores his sister!!! Anna Lou absolutely hung the moon to him! He wants to play with her, follow her, copy her and just be with her. Most of the time she is great with him and wants him to play with her. I hear some funny conversations, mostly AL telling G what he is supposed to do. He wakes up before her most days and after naps. (Working on that! Not sure why my 3 year old sleeps more than my 1 1/2 year old.) He cries and reaches for her door when he sees that it is shut and she is still in bed. I have to do some major distracting or he will run in the hallway, cry and wake her up.

G has been a very healthy little boy. We have had very few illnesses during his 18 months, but then I went out of town and came home. Seems he was waiting for me to come home to get a sinus infection, ear infection and stomach bug all during that past two weeks. Oh well! If that is it, we are so thankful for our overall healthy boy!

Graham Haggard melts my heart! He is such a joy and not sure what life looked like before he joined the Hall clan. Love you little G to the moon and back!!!


Trina said...

I love your amazing posts about your precious children! I think he and my Aaron would hit it off amazingly! My 2 year old sleeps less than my 3 1/2 year old too! Aaron does the same thing by going to Pearson's door to wake him up at nap time! I too love to hear the conversations my boys carry on! Fun times! Thanks for sharing all the awesome things about G with us!

The Junods said...

Little BIG buddy! Great post and such wonderful things to remember about our nugget. Such a sweetheart and turning into such a little boy! Love him so much! I'm hopeful he might think I'm you a few times this summer and I can get some of that lovin!

The Copeland Family said...

Sweet boy! We have loved being around him lately!