Friday, May 6, 2011

Treasures from Doha...

I had to get a few treasures for my babes back home while I was in Doha. I found a cute purse for Anna Lou at the mall and Wendi got her a matching wallet. Wendi also bought matching pearl bracelets for Anna and Georgia while we were at the Souqs. It was a little big so I couldn't let her wear it to church on Easter like we had planned, but I had it re-strung and now it fits perfect. Anna Lou has hit the girly stage of purses and jewelry. It's hard to see it in these pics, but your can see the pretty bracelet behind the purse.

Little Graham got a Batman doll from his big cousin's Barret and Brooks. woohoo! We need some more boy looking toys around her and he loves it. Well...he mainly just loves me and Dave na na na na na na BATMAN!

(This is the day I got home and didn't Daddy dress her well!? However, he did put them in TCU shirts for the church egg hunt instead of the bunny shirts I had left. ha!! oh well!)

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