Thursday, May 12, 2011

boys and girls...

Desperate for a few minutes to get dinner together, I gave the kids a cut up egg carton to decorate their own caterpillar. G tore his into 20 pieces and tried to get every cap off of every marker. AL sat for 30 minutes and diligently colored each caterpillar "hump" with a different color. (I did the face.)
Although she is 3 and he is 1 1/2, wowzers to the difference between little girls and little boys!

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Katie and Justin Cox said...

Love this post... I have been thinking a lot lately about how different Kaki and Caden will be. I am afraid that I have a little boy who has ZERO interest in coloring unless of course he can tattoo himself... then he's ALL for it!! Markers are a dangerous things at our house! Fam is as precious as ever!!