Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter Weekend...

Easter weekend was busy and a lot of fun! We started on Saturday with a big egg hunt and cookout at with Dave's family, cousins, extended family, etc.

All of the kids lined up for the hunt.

Papa and Ms. Lorraine helped Anna keep up with the big kids!
Checking out the goods.

Dave and Jerod with G

G smiling big.

We enjoyed a cookout and ice cream.

That night we dyed some eggs for the first.


Easter morning we got in our Easter duds and took a few pics before church.

Dave was jumping trying to get them to smile so they started jumping.

My men.

At church, I had to take a pic of Anna putting Graham's nametag on his back. She does this every time and G turns around for her to put it on everytime! Big sis, such a helper!

We met Honey and Papa there.

Our fam

Sweet pic of Papa and Anna Lou

After church we headed back to H&P's where the Easter Bunny had visited.

Aunt Rosie celebrated with us too and brought goodies for the kids.

Then time to hunt!

Mainly what G did, stop and eat.

why not a little game of soccer?

Honey's beautiful table

Only at H&P's can you do this!

We had a such a wonderful weekend! We did try to talk much more about Jesus and the Cross than the candy and the bunny. I am anxious for the days when my kids really begin to understand the meaning Easter. Our service at church was incredible and it was a great celebration of OUR RISEN LORD!!

Funny story- Our neighbor brought Anna a flower in a vase a few weeks ago from her garden. She put it on her dresser and always checked on it. A few days later the flower died and Anna looked up with a sad face and said "Mama! My flower melted!" I then said "no, it didn't melt, it actually died." With a confused look she says "My flower died on the cross?!"! We had been talking about Jesus and the cross and I guess a little of that sunk in but not quite the way I had hoped. We will work on the facts later:)!

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