Sunday, June 9, 2013

First Timers at the Dentist!

So if you are a very neglectful mom, you wait way too long to take your children to the dentist. We finally did and it went great. We love our new dentist and her staff, and will be back in 6 months. I promise!

AL started with the X-Rays, which were no biggie!

 Pics through the glass while brother and I watched from the other room.
 She was up first and was all about it! Super chatty which doesn't always work well when the dentist is working on your mouth. Got to love those awesome pediatric dentists that cater to youngin's with a movie on the ceiling and super sweet ladies to make your feel comfortable.
 A+ for AL
 Next up was G and I really didn't think this next picture was going to occur. We had a minor, kind of major meltdown, but then all of sudden was ready to go. Whew! Sweet Dr. Mitchell who is prego, was so patient and so over-the-top sweet with G. 
 The rest of the day he continued to tell me "I was a little bit scared, then I was ok." Uhh, more than a little bit G! But so glad it all ended great! Sister was there to help the hygienist, of course.
 And another A+ for G, too! 

No cavities and a great report for these two. They loved their glove balloons and Dora that was on the corner. :)


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