Thursday, June 20, 2013

Little Fishies!

Three of the cuzzies have been in swim lessons the past two weeks. We always take from Mrs. Ginger and were so glad Georgia could join us this summer. It was Georgia and Graham's first go at swimming  lessons and they did so well! 
 It was great having the three of them in the same class and loved having our little private lesson.
 The veteran, AL.
 Graham is our timid, careful child, but he did awesome. Everyday he got more and more confident. 

 Sweet swimmin' cousins!

 After swim lessons one day we went to Shannon's house to play with Landon, Reagan and Payton in their beautiful backyard. 

 Mommies after 5 hours of swimming.

Back to another day of swim lessons. Here goes Tank!
G is such a little tank! Little boy, but quite a thick, solid, heavy kid! I feel like he has to work so hard compared to the tiny little girls to swim. He kicks those feet so hard and works so hard to follow Mrs. Ginger's instructions. 

Way to go G!

 A few not so great videos of the little fishies.

So thankful for how far they came in a few days with the wonderful Mrs. Ginger! 

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